Give Generously
With Kindness


Who We Are

Established in 2004 as a publishing consulting company, Aloha Publishing began providing full-service publishing in 2009. 


The Executive Team is comprised of business professionals skilled at publishing, writing, and coaching. We thoughtfully pair our authors with the ideal team member.


We are poised to usher you confidently through the publishing process so that you may feel empowered on your journey to authorship. 

Who We Help

Aloha publishes, consults, and coaches for industry leaders with innovative ideas and those new authors who are building an audience or have a niche platform.


We partner with business owners, entrepreneurs, companies, and not-for-profit organizations for publishing in print and digital media.


Our authors provide meaningful content focused primarily on business, health, humanitarian, and inspirational topics. 

How We Differ

Our mission to give generously and with kindness enables us to cultivate a network of outstanding vendor relationships, a benefit we pass on to our authors.


We embrace open and authentic communication by involving you in each milestone along the route to a completed book.


By publishing across multiple delivery platforms, in both print and digital format, we ensure your message reaches the next generation of readers.


Maryanna Young

Founder | CEO | Vision Keeper


Maryanna founded Aloha Publishing with the mission of giving those with a powerful idea the opportunity to write and publish. She has worked with clients and developed friendships all over the world.  As a former sports agent, Maryanna provided celebrity brand management and developed campaigns for Ocean Spray, Nike, and Royal Caribbean. Maryanna founded a women's road race which was at one time the largest women's running event in the US.


Maryanna delights in ...


Traveling to the Hawaiian Islands to gain peace and perspective


Acting with compassion, as we can never know what someone may be going through


Powerful stories, strong coffee, and running


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Megan Chambers

Editorial Team

Megan Chambers is a graduate of the Denver Publishing Institute and Whitworth University, with a bachelor’s in English and a minor in editing. She’s enthusiastic about publishing and has a passion for learning and sharing knowledge. Megan is at her best when engaging with the world creatively, whether through one of her artistic endeavors, writing, or developing and improving ideas.


Megan likes . . .

Spending time outdoors, hiking, camping, and skiing. When she’s not in the mountains, she spends her free time writing, sewing, and making art.

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Design Team

Shiloh Schroeder

Rachel Langaker

Jessi Carpenter



Jennifer Regner

Editorial Team Lead | Project Manager


Jen Regner is an editor, ghostwriter, and technical communicator with a PhD in chemistry, a master's degree in food science, and an English minor. She loves to learn new things because knowledge brings new perspectives—and understanding the perspective or context is critical to effective communication. Her strengths include digging into the details, bringing out an author's voice in a manuscript, and developing consistent themes and messages. 


Jen enjoys ...


Experimenting in the garden with new and standby varieties of her favorite vegetables


Filling her bookshelf with suspense, urban fantasy fiction, cookbooks, and nonfiction


Walking and playing with her black Lab, Lucy


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Anna McHargue

Editorial Team


AnnaMarie McHargue has been solving complex word problems for more than 30 years. Her strength is in humbly collaborating with her authors to present to the reading public strong works of non-fiction and fiction. She is the author of People Are Good and has received the Editorial Leadership of the Year award. She has edited hundreds of best sellers.


Anna Loves ...

Reading and traveling. She lives for college football and tries to catch as many San Francisco Giants games as possible unless she is watching one of her three kids and their sports! 



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