The Essential Strategies Every Coach Needs to Create a Championship Culture and Win


For any sport, WIN will show you the step-by-step approach to building a team that can win championships. From practice plans to team-building exercises to setting the attitudes of players and coaches, this is a tell-all guide from one of the best:


  • Create and maintain an impenetrable team bond
  • Understand how to place players in the perfect role for them to thrive
  • Choose team leadership that allows you to coach more effectively and win more often
  • Form a cohesive, unstoppable coaching staff
  • Use adversity as an advantage rather than a disadvantage
  • Survive and break losing streaks with a high frequency of success


Lee Elias has applied these techniques to turn around downward slides with multiple teams. He holds nothing back, sharing easy-to-implement strategies for coaches of all levels. 


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