The Complete Leader

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You have the formal education, the experience and maybe even the title. Yet you crave additional development of your leadership skills—not just another business book or workshop, but something practical, actionable and real world. The Complete Leader is for you.


Executive coaches Ron Price and Randy Lisk combine experiences and tools gleaned from decades working with leaders from Fortune 100 companies to small businesses to present twenty-five modules in The Complete Leader. Each skill is organized around the four qualities necessary for leadership excellence:

  • Clear thinking in an increasingly complex world
  • Leading yourself to develop strong teams and results without excuses
  • Leading others through transcending results to achieve lasting impact
  • Authenticity in who you are and who you want to become


Presented in a way that is both customizable and scalable, each leadership competency utilizes practical tools for defining, practicing and becoming the greatest version of yourself.


Leadership excellence is not a hike; it’s an expedition. The Complete Leader is the most comprehensive and practical set of leadership tools available for the journey. This combination of book, assessments and website round out a robust program designed for today’s established executives and tomorrow’s emerging leaders.


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The Complete Leader

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