“Positive change” is now more than a feel-good concept. It’s a process of transformation that uses decades of scientific research to increase confidence, calm fears, energize passion, and motivate others. Positive change consultant Bob Faw has turned these scientific insights into usable tools. He has already taught thousands of people around the world how to ignite passion for goals, involve people in meaningful ways, and inspire action for change. Now, his proven strategies are available in an engaging, practical guide for organizations and individuals. Leaders can use these principles to motivate their teams, create a positive environment, and influence others.


Become the best you can be by replacing the old, limiting stories playing in your head with positive “inner movies” that inspire you daily. Rewrite your “inner autobiography” to broaden your horizons and increase confidence. Bob will help you energize the way you think—and then take the steps to enact change.


“This book has truly hit on a topic that is so critical and timely to organizational health and leadership success. Bob Faw has taken very technical scientific concepts and described them in such practical terms.”
Debbie Sampson, Sr. Director,
Talent Management and Organization Development, John Hopkins University


“[This] dynamic book takes complex human concepts and converts them into understandable action steps that enable us to re-balance our thinking and actions.”
Pamela Hogan, Vice President,
Human Resources and Development, Southern New Hampshire University


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