Don't Miss Your Boat

“Don’t Miss Your Boat: Living Your Life with Purpose in the Real World” is a collection of true stories that will allow the reader to reflect on the value, purpose, and significance of their own life.


It’s one thing to talk about living purposefully and another to actually do it. This book contains real-life accounts of individuals who have chosen to create amazing turnarounds, turn grief into greatness, and shift possibilities into opportunities. The goal of “Don’t Miss Your Boat” is to inspire readers to be intentional about making a difference in their personal and professional lives … and to enjoy the energy, passion and enthusiasm that will occur as a result of this radical approach to life.


Purpose and the best things in life can be found in unexpected places. You will see this demonstrated in the lives of 35 everyday heroes. Living your life with purpose and becoming your authentic best will equip you to fearlessly take action, fully develop your potential, and live without regrets. Your best life is waiting. Don’t Miss Your Boat!


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Don't Miss Your Boat

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