Do It Right

An effective Web strategy is not the responsibility of your marketing department, your propeller heads in IT, nor your ad agency. It is your responsibility.


Do It Right: A CEO’s Guide to Web Strategy is the quintessential guide for modern CEOs to drive Web strategy, select the right tools and measure results. Beyond that, Do It Right will help you create an effective BS Meter for delegating the tactical side of Web marketing and holding your team accountable for your brand’s Web presence.


Do It Right provides you a Foundational Approach to Web Marketing, starting with your Web presence and fulfilled through, CEO, online traffic generation and conversion rate optimization.


Do It Right is chock full useful useful tips, strategic thinking, and amusing stories from a fellow CEO who build a Web marketing firm from the ground up. Corey Smith’s irreverent but practical approach will make you laugh, give you ammo to ask the right questions and ultimately ensure that your Web strategy doesn’t get you fired.


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Do It Right

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