Broke, Hungry, & Happy

Feel the adrenalin rush as Dave Norell plunges over huge waterfalls, gets lost in the Philippine jungles, and experiences carnage in Costa Rica. In need of medical attention, Dave and his extreme kayaking friends trudge through waist-high sugar cane fields full of poisonous snakes, in search of a road that hasn’t been washed out by recent flood-waters. Dave and fellow kayakers travel throughout Idaho, British Columbia, other parts of Canada and the US in their quest for whitewater adventure.


Secrets are revealed, lessons learned, and life-long friendships are formed. This book has something for everyone, outdoor sports and recreation enthusiasts, as well as  those who can relate to love and loss.


Author Rae Ann Norell, shares from the heart how she literally picks herself up off the floor to begin a journey no parent wants to take, after receiving a phone call telling her that her 24-year-old son Dave died while competing in a triathlon. Her journey from grief to eventual recovery and healing offers hope to those who have lost a child. Dave’s life inspires and his message shines through: live life to the fullest, pursue your passion and follow your heart.


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Broke, Hungry, & Happy

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