50 Pack: Stay in Medicine

This book was written by a female physician, Air Force doc, mother of two, native Puerto Rican who has a mission to save medicine as we know it in the United States. We all need to be involved in saving the careers and livelihoods of physicians to preserve the quality of life we enjoy in North America. We Can Save More Lives If We Save Each Other

Doctors, we know all about long hours, overwhelming workloads, lack of support from the healthcare system, and the loss of control in many aspects of our lives. Physicians and healthcare systems are at a precipice. It’s time we have a serious conversation about where we want to go together.

Stay in Medicine is a boots-on-the-ground guide full of practical tips to help you improve day-to-day life in your clinic and begin the conversation to change healthcare as an industry.

Here are some of the tools you’ll find to help you breathe again:

●How to identify and handle burnout, both for yourself and for your colleagues
●Strategies to help you regain a sense of control
●Simple methods to reduce time-killers
●Proven team-building and leadership tactics improve collaboration in your clinic
●Talking points to begin the larger conversation to change healthcare as a whole

Save Yourself,
Save Your Patients,
Save Medicine.

50 Pack: Stay in Medicine