50 Pack: Leap

Leap can take you somewhere you've never been. Katie Peuvrelle's unique perspective on performance psychology is thought provoking and insightful, deep yet simple. It evokes a focused curiosity for truth--your truth.

You're an athlete, an entrepreneur, a creative, a thought leader, a professional, or a tech executive and you crave more.

Leap gives you powerful tools to surpass your goals in any area: 

-Claim your own brand of executive leadership
-Be the finest athlete you can imagine
-Take your professional performance to the next level
-Propel your business to new heights
-Bring depth to your relationships

With Leap as your high-performance guide, discover what truly moves and inspires you. You can decide to trust the unknown and dare to step into your full capacity and unbridled joy, once and for all. You can just leap.

50 Pack: Leap