25 Pack: The Art of the Question

Grow Revenue Through the Power of Questions

The best leaders aren't those who have the right answers--they're the people who ask the best questions. Questions are essential to build relationships, to solve problems, and to learn and grow. But most people haven't been taught to question well and don't understand the power of good questions. If you've ever aspired to be an effective board member, massively grow your business, or improve your relationships with family members, The Art of the Question contains the tools to make this happen.

Armed with the wisdom of this book, you will learn how to:

● Confidently engage with anyone, in any situation
● Never feel over your head in professional interactions
● Get through challenging conversations with less stress
● Lead family discussions that might otherwise be chaotic and dysfunctional
● Bring extraordinary value to every conversation through questions rather than answers

25 Pack: The Art of the Question