25 Pack: RealTime Coaching

Achieve Your Goals by Helping Others Achieve Theirs


RealTime Coaching is a simple, practical approach to working with others. It gives anyone who supervises, manages, or advises people an alternative to choosing either a “hard” or “soft” approach to dealing with problems and opportunities. RealTime Coaching is friendly, firm, and fair—and it works.

A RealTime coach works with the assumption that both the needs of the person and the organization are important. This win-win approach taps the true source of individual power: intrinsic motivation. Self-evaluation replaces judgment. Commitment replaces compliance. Responsibility stays with the person doing the work.


RealTime Coaching helps you:


  • Lead change with better employee engagement
  • Deal with challenging people in a positive way
  • Complete projects that were off track
  • Resolve interpersonal conflicts
  • Build trust with those you lead and advise
  • Engage employee commitment
  • Increase personnel retention
  • Improve teamwork

25 Pack: RealTime Coaching