25 Pack: People Are Good

n today’s world, it is easy to focus on what is going wrong instead of what is good and going right. Small acts of kindness are really the big things that change our outlook and ultimately change the way we live in the world. People Are Good is a collection of stories that unites us all. This global movement is sure to restore your faith in the human spirit and remind us that little things are a big deal.

Why People Are Good has such impact:

• Demonstrates the POWER OF HUMAN EMPATHY and the wonderful impact it can have on others.

• Emphasizes the idea that in spite of vast differences, as human beings, we all appreciate the SMALLEST ACTS OF KINDNESS.

• Creates an understanding that small moments in people’s lives CHANGE THE COURSE of their existence.

The news media and blogosphere flourish with examples of the human capacity for power and poverty, life and death, success and sadness. The mission of People Are Good is to inspire each of us to want to take small moments in life to act, rather than react. It’s more than random acts of kindness but a lifestyle of noticing others, sharing a smile and ultimately changing someone’s worldview for the rest of their life.

25 Pack: People Are Good