25 Pack: Introvert Revolution

Are you a more introverted leader? If you’re like fifty percent of the population who identifies as introverts, you already know the struggle. In the West, it can be difficult for introverts to rise as leaders within organizations. They are constantly told to be more outgoing, happier, and better on-the-spot thinkers. Basically, they’re encouraged to become extroverts.


Introvert Revolution confronts the cultural myth that extroversion is the only version of leadership, helping you grow more into the authentic leader you were meant to become. To be real, to be vulnerable, to be authentic is to let your true self be seen and known, to no longer hide as shame wants you to, but to dare greatly, to be courageous. This is the kind of authenticity we as introverted leaders need to pursue, not just for ourselves but for those we lead and serve. Get to know yourself better as an introvert and understand the biological differences that make you the way you are. Join the journey toward personal growth and self-acceptance. Learn how to become a more effective leader, doing so authentically and in harmony with the extroverted leaders around you. There is a brighter and more authentic future as a leader. It begins with personal revolution. It begins with you.


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25 Pack: Introvert Revolution

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