25 Absolutely Essential Things

25 Absolutely Essential Things You Need to Know About Writing and Publishing a Book.


Take the mystery out of writing and publishing


Statistics show that 81% of the population feels they have a book inside of them; however very few people actually write a book. Why? There is mystery and fear about getting published. In the past, only one in 14,000 people who tried to get published were actually able to do so. It was almost like winning the lottery. Times have changed. In the past decade with the rise of independent publishing, the new global marketplace of online book selling and the explosion of e books there has never been a better time to become an author. Just like in any industry or profession, you can become successful if you just know the steps, rules and guidelines. Since the industry is changing rapidly, it is important to know what steps to take to publish the highest quality products and how to get them to market quickly.


For example:


Tip #5- You should understand that a book is more than a book, it s a business.
Tip #6- Not every type of publishing requires a literary agent.
Tip#11- Don’t write a book just because it will sell. Write the book you want to be known for and that you will be passionate about for years to come.
Tip #14- Title and subtitle will be some of the most important words you write. Don t let your title be an afterthought.
Tip #25- When you are writing your books, you need to have a strong business strategy on how you will capitalize on the spin off of your expertise.


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