10 Pack: Are You Hungry Tonight?

Cooking Is About More Than Putting Food on the Table


Cooking is more than just a life skill. It's a way to express caring for others and create the kind of world you want to live in, no matter what's happening outside your kitchen. Even if you're new to cooking, the accessible recipes April May Thomas has chosen won't intimidate you-they will inspire you.


Are You Hungry Tonight? is about bringing peace and comfort to others through making food and connecting with friends, family, and soon-to-be friends. It's about softening the stress of life and creating time for and with those you love.


In the rush of modern life, it's easy to forget the joys of home-cooked food and the importance of passing these values on to children and grandchildren. April's recipes are meant to help anyone learn to cook at home.


Over the past four decades, she has compiled treasured recipes for everything from comfort food to elegant entrées and favorite desserts. Every recipe is a time-tested favorite. This is your chance to share your kitchen with April-your family and friends will thank you!

10 Pack: Are You Hungry Tonight?