Effortless Marketing eBook:
Content Marketing Without Writing a Word

What Will Your Book Include?

75-page full-color PDF eBook with five chapters

  • Chapter 1: The problem your business solves

  • Chapters 2-4: Three ways you solve the problem and how your clients benefit

  • Chapter 5: Your unique solution—show results and benefits

How Does It Work?

Vision meeting:

We learn about your business and present a plan for your book.

Phase 1: Blueprint Creation

  • Series of three interviews to capture your message and vision so you don't have to write a word!

  • Detailed blueprint (outline for your book) is created and sent to you for review.

Phase 2: Magic

  • Manuscript is ghostwritten based on the interviews, using your voice, information experience, and stories.

  • Cover and interior are designed to match your message, brand, and vision.

Phase 3: Voila! Your business eBook in your inbox.

  • You review the electronic manuscript to make changes.

  • Final eBook is presented to you as a PDF for emailing, downloads, and handouts.

Content Marketing Investment

Total cost of eBook

Estimated author time

Timeline to complete


10-15 hours
(including interviews and
manuscript review)

75 days from first

Contact Kathryn Lundberg at kathryn@alohapublishing.com or call (208) 401-6260